According to Google, there are about 4,416 cities in the world that have a population of over 150,000.

Out of these 4,416 cities, this 6 standout for varying reasons. From low crime rates to quality healthcare delivery systems and even plain old aesthetics, these 6 cities stand out among the pack
as the best 6 places to live in the world.

Top 6 Places To Live In The World


tokyo best city to live in

The capital of Japan, located on the southeastern side of the island tops our list today.

Tokyo is a fast-paced city, but don’t let that fool you it is also surprisingly clean.

Whether the people just don’t litter or the cleaners do their work real fast I can’t tell, but litter and messy roads are really a rare occurrence.

Tokyo also has a surprisingly low crime rate at about 13.55 making it relatively safe to live.

You can walk at night without the fear of getting mugged.


best cities to live in

Danish people are frequently referred to as the happiest on the planet.

Copenhagen and Denmark by extension offer free university education and one of the most attractive work benefits in the world.

Women are given 52 weeks 100% salary paid maternity leave whereas in the U.S. they only allow 12 weeks, and is still negotiable in some places.


best city in the world

The Economist named Sydney the best place to be born, and in reality, it’s really not a surprise.

Sydney is a stunning city with one of the best and most beautiful views you can see anywhere else on the planet.

It is relatively safe and politically stable, with some of the best schools in the whole of Australia.

It also has a growing job market that constantly needs both skilled and unskilled workers domestically.


best city in the world to live

Touted as the financial and economic capital of Germany, it has an awesome public transport system, quality health care delivery system and
an active culture and people.

Germany’s central position puts it at the heart of the E.U. and makes it easier to go to member states or to fly out of Europe.


best city in the world

Stockholm is the second Scandinavian country on this list and is usually referred to by some as the capital of Scandinavia.

It has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe, equity is upheld and health care delivery is top notch.


best places to live

Vancouver is the largest metropolitan area in western Canada.

It has some of the most beautiful scenery and moderate weather.

Vancouver has some of the best urban planning in the world, usually called “Vancouverism”.

It is also filled with diverse cultures from all walks of life.

The Skytrain which unlike most other countries is not underground, but above ground is also another attraction.

top 6 places to live in the world