So you like this girl, but you’re not sure if she’s interested in you… Just about everyone’s been there and it’s not always easy to read the signs.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just tell? But it’s a lot more complicated than that so you’re going to want to know the signs.

In this post we’re breaking down all the signals you might get from a girl who likes you.

1. She seeks you out

A woman who likes you might find an excuse to contact you. She could call or text someone else with that question but she reached out to you.

Maybe she’s getting in touch on social media with a funny post or tweet.

Either way, she’s seeking you out, not the other way around.

2. Contact

If she’s reaching out and touching your arm or hand while you’re talking, she’s probably interested in you.

Being touchy-feely doesn’t always mean she’s into you, but it’s a good sign.

3. She’s Looking For You

At a bar or a party, she might know that you’re going to be there. Does she look for you? Are her eyes searching the room for you?

She might be too shy to come over and talk to you, but her eyes are giving her away. She’s into you.

4. She Lingers

If she’s interested in you, she might linger after you’ve started talking when she easily could have moved on or gone back to her group of friends.

A lingering touch is also a good sign. A light touch on the arm could be in her nature and she might do that with anyone, but if her touch lingers… She’s probably interested in you.

5. Body Language Hints

Does she sit close to you or mirror your movements? Is her body turned towards you? Does she meet your eyes?

Body language is a huge giveaway because it’s mostly subconscious.

6.  She Compliments You

If you’re getting compliments, that could be a good sign. She’s noticed what you’re wearing and that you look good in it.

7. She’s Fidgeting

When this girl’s around you, does she fidget at all? Does she fuss with her hair or touch her clothes repeatedly. It’s a good sign that she’s a little nervous around you and that might mean she’s attracted to you.

8. She’s Smiling

A girl who smiles at you wants to keep talking to you. If she’s smiling and showing any of the other signs, you’ve got a chance.

how to tell if a girl likes you