Journaling has so many benefits and one of them is that it can help you deal with anxiety. We have so many thoughts running through our heads everyday and writing them down in a journal can get those thoughts and worries out of your head.

Here’s some ideas on how you can journal to relieve anxiety and stress:

Journaling To Help Reduce Anxiety

1. Get Creative & Doodle

Journaling doesn’t always have to writing. You can doodle and draw. Your journal is your space to do whatever you see fit.

2. Write a Letter

Write a letter to someone you admire or to someone you’re having problems with. Getting your feelings down on paper can help you with any anxiety you have towards someone.

3. Become Aware of Your Triggers

Sometimes we don’t realize what triggers our anxiety and journaling daily can help you figure out what those triggers are.

You’ll start to notice patterns if you commit to journaling at least a few times a week. Things will jump out at you that you may have never realized were bothering you.

4. Make Lists

Lists are a great way of clearing your head.

You can make a list of things you have to be grateful for or things you know you have to do.

You’re list can be full of things that you’d like to do and places you’d like to see.

Get creative with this one.

Writing lists are also a fantastic way to journal if you’re feeling stuck. It’s much easier to make a list than it is to write paragraphs about what you’re feeling.

5. Write About Your Worries

Sometimes it’s best to tackle what’s bothering you head on.

Write it down and start going through your emotions. You can write down why you feel this way and you can brainstorm about what you can do next.

You can start planning your next move and how you’re going to overcome these worries.

6. Log your Day To Day Life

Journaling can be as simple as writing down what you’re doing that day, who you met, or where you and what you ate.

Give It A Try

If you’ve never journaled before or you never thought about it to relieve stress and anxiety, commit to journaling for two weeks and see how you feel after it.

You might be surprised to discover what’s really bothering you or you might start to feel less anxious because you’ve addressed your worries and you’re now working through them.

Does Writing in a Journal Help With Anxiety